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SKAL Brings A Little Bit Of Iceland To NYC


Super happy and excited for my friends and the debut of SKAL and also to bring a little bit of Iceland to NY. Before it was SKAL, the space used to be Les Enfants Terribles, which a lot of us had been to during our time in grad school.

If any of you had been to Les Enfants Terribles, you would remember that giant U shaped bar, which I thought was unnecessarily big for that tight space, and how dim the place was. So I was surprised, when I got a sneak peek of the place, at how airy and light the space is now. I totally love what my friend did to the space and it was great to see his vision of SKAL come to life. While there, we were also given a sneak peek of the drink and food menus. True to his Icelandic roots, there are a lot of seafood…raw and cooked.

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Brooklyn Crab, My 2 Cents

Brooklyn Crab

There seems to be more hate (Yelp, Eater) for the newly opened Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook than love. While I think the idea is great, I’m quite sad that it is in Red Hook. I see Red Hook as the ball field food vendors, the more intimate restaurants like Kevin’s and the elusive Philly Pinoy. To many, Red Hook is like going on a trip but for me it’s just a quick 30min walk. Okay, I actually don’t mind Ikea being there (sorry..trips to the Port Authority and then taking the Ikea shuttle is not quite fun).

After couple weeks of being opened and many have shared their thoughts, 9 of us decided to take our chances at the Brooklyn Crab.

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Soft Shell Crab With Kale And Spring Garlic

Soft Shell Crab w/ kale and spring garlic

I love soft shell crab and hate regular crab. It takes too much work for that little bit of meat so if I can eat the whole thing, I’m going to like it more. Yes, I’m lazy. It is also the reason why I don’t like eating that shrimp dish where they simply boil the shrimp. And you have to peel the shrimp and dip it in soy sauce. Too much work. Though I love the salt and pepper shrimp. Deep fried goodness that I can just eat it with shell and all.

I’ve been wanting to cook soft shell crab myself but it just never happened until I was inspired by Sarah Simmons of City Grit, when she made THIS.

This dish was quite simple to make. Three main ingredients. Crab, kale and spring garlic. In a pan I sauteed the kale and spring garlic with a dash of red chili flakes (and salt and pepper to taste). While the veggies were cooking, I seasoned some flour, dunked the crab in the beaten egg and drenched it in the flour. In another pan, on high heat, I added oil and a knob of butter. I fried the crab in the oil and butter mixture til golden on both sides. For an extra kick, I sprinkled more red chili flakes onto the dish.



Oh dude, couple weeks ago I had an amazing meal at Whitehall in the West Village. Last month I was lucky enough to have spent few hours in the kitchen taking some photos. Everything that went out of the kitchen looked and smell soooo good. So unlike many restaurants where I say I would eventually go but rarely do, I made sure I would visit Whitehall within the month.

Check out what my friends and I ate after the jump.

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Mussels With Green Curry Broth

Mussels with green curry broth

I should really eat more fish but mussels are so much easier to cook, not to mention way cheaper. This time I made it even simpler. My usual way of cooking is oil, garlic, onion, add mussels and hit it with chicken stock. Last month I had made a jar of green curry sauce by combining green curry paste, soy sauce and palm sugar. I love making ready-to-use sauces, great for cooking and marinating.

Get a pan hot, add oil and add mussels. Stir. Pour about 3/4 cup of the green curry sauce and about the same amount of liquid (I used water). Stir. Cover the pan and cook for 3 minutes. Check mussels after 3 minutes, cover back up and cook longer if there are any that aren’t open. Scoop the mussels out and leave the broth in the pan. On high flames, add a big tablespoon or 2 of creme fraiche and some chopped scallions. Stir to melt the creme fraiche. Taste it. Add more curry sauce if it’s too weak. Let the sauce reduce a bit. When done, pour sauce over mussels and sprinkle some chopped scallions. Serve with toasty bread.

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish

Baked Salmon Salad in a bagel

The baked salmon salad in a toasted bagel at Shelsky’s Smoked Fish in Carroll Gardens is FREAKIN ADDICTIVE! I had saw my friend’s photo of the thing and for some reason I ran out and got the same thing. I’ve never been to Shelsky’s before until that day and so I didn’t even know how the baked salmon salad will taste. This was so good that I went and got another one the following Saturday.

The salmon was pretty much ground up into a paste/spread with seasoning in it. If you love salmon you will love this also. Very strong fish/salmony flavor that might put some people off but I found it quite tasty. It also helped that the toasted bagel was good and warm, crunchy, cool, salmony, UGH I want one now!

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish 251 Smith St, Brooklyn

Lobster Joint

Lobster Joint

I love fish and chips and yes I have been to both Chip Shops in Brooklyn. Fish and chips is something that I get whenever I see it on a menu, though of course depending on where I am. I’m not going to order fish and chips at a burger joint but I will order fish and chips at an Irish Pub. Anyways, so last week I found myself having lunch with a friend at Lobster Joint, conveniently close to Eastern District in Greenpoint. So how was the food? Here’s what my friend had to say about her lobster roll.

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