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Red Hook Food Vendors Are Back For Six More Years

Red Hok

Last season when their 5 year permit was set to expire, the future for the Red Hook Food Vendors was up in the air. I couldn’t imagine a summer without eating at the ball fields. Though lucky for us, it was announced early April that they were able to get a new permit that will last for 6 years.

To celebrate their return and also what I like to consider the beginning of summer, a group of us ventured out to enjoy tacos, tamales, pupusas and horchata. The Red Hook Food Vendors is one of my favorite things to do. Besides the fact that I can walk to the ball fields, I can also get some really REALLY damn good food and not have to spend my whole paycheck. Above: for $9 I got a loroco flower with cheese and a chorizo with cheese pupusas plus a big pile of chicharron from the El Olomega truck.

Red Hook Food Vendors, corner of Bay and Clinton St. Red Hook, Brooklyn


City Grit: Brunch Village

City Grit: Brunch Village

Last night a bunch of us attended City Grit: Brunch Village dinner. Yes! Brunch food for dinner, my kind of dinner. It was Sarah’s homage to the show Portlandia. I’ve only seen the pilot but judging from the awesome tasty food Sarah cooked up last night, I may have to at least watch the episode “Brunch Village”.

The dinner started off with Collin’s chicken and waffle. Hello bite sized goodness. I ate 4 and totally forgot to snap a photo. Next up (picture above) was “Craig’s crazy guac tacos” with pulled brisket, guac, queso, and scrambled eggs.

Click to see what else was on the menu last night

Red Hook Ball Field Food Vendors, My New Mission

Red Hook Ball Field Food Vendors

THE RED HOOK BALL FIELD VENDORS ARE BACK!! Once again I can walk 30mins down to Red Hook and get some freakin good and authentic Latin foods. And once again I vowed to eat more than just tacos from the Country Boys or a plate of chicharron with yuca from the Ceron truck.

I remember when I first visited the ball field, the vendors were all under their own tents and it would be normal to stand in line for a very long time just for pupusas from the El Olomega truck. My friends and I would trek out to Red Hook early to save a spot on the grass. Back in the day, while it was popular, no one really knew about it yet. And then it got really popular in the food scene. Which was great, more business for the vendors but of course then it drew the attention of the city and you know with the city…they have to put laws and rules on everything. The vendors were forced to serve their food out of trucks that they had to purchase themselves. After that the vibe definitely changed. It sort of lost that pop-up food oasis but people (even people from Manhattan) kept going back which was great! Then the crowd began to thin out. People now have more choices for outdoor dining (The Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, Dekalb Market, Hester St Fair and bigillion other food options during the summer time) and the attention that the ball field vendor once got was gone.

Yes this past weekend was gloomy and chilly and wasn’t the optimal outdoor dining weather but none of the vendors had any lines at all. It’s also quite sad to look at their site and see how outdated it is and that there are so much stuff (bio and menu) in the site that are still missing.

I’m just one person but I like to believe that I have a little bit of fame power and I want to use that power to bring the crowd back to Red Hook. Will you join me?

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Whirlybird Breakfast Taco And Coffee


So I’m on a breakfast taco sort of kick at the moment and then when I randomly found out (seriously..it was only couple days ago and I already forgotten where I heard about it) about a place in South Williamsburg that serves JUST breakfast tacos and coffee. PEOPLE!! BREAKFAST TACOS AND COFFEE!!

Whirlybird on S. 2nd between Roebling St & Havemeyer St is tiny shop. It has 2 counters…or enough seats for 8 people. When I was there someone was spinning vinyl records and the atmosphere was chill. For $3.50 I got a taco with eggs, oxaca cheese, salsa, and for $1 I added chorizo (OH and it was topped with pieces of chips for extra crunch). WOO! Oh..dude was this taco good. Even though they only used 1 tortilla, it held up the filling. This was eggy, spicy, messy and I washed it all down with an iced coffee.

Whirlybird, S. 2nd between Roebling St & Havemeyer St. Williamsburg

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

What do you do when you have one weekday off? Laundry? Watch 8hrs of Netflix Instant? Cook? Just be lazy? Actually I did all of that plus a quick trip out to Rockaway Beach. Yep the beach. I’m not a big fan of beaches but do enjoy walking along boardwalks. Another thing I do enjoy is eating along the boardwalk. This summer, I’m sure most of you know this by now, few of our favorite Brooklyn based food people took over the concession stands at the Rockaway Beach boardwalk. Yep that was the only reason why I went to the beach, to eat.

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