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It’s been a long journey for Chef Nate Smith from after leaving The Spotted Pig to being the owner of his own restaurant, Allswell. Lucky for me I’ve sort of been tagging along. I first met Nate Smith in 2010 at one of the Pie for Dinner events at 4 & 20 Blackbirds, it was also how I met the Elsen sisters. He told me that he was preparing to open his own place but in the meantime he was cooking at Roman’s which gave me an excuse to try the place. Then in early 2011 he helped open Dean St on Underhill and we all know how that turned out. Though I did go there for a delicious brunch before he left. Then in the Spring time he started doing pop up dinners at Veronica People’s Club and Pinkerton. And so now fast forward to late 2011 with the opening of Allswell.

I’ve had many meals here already and everything so far has been damn damn good (and I’m not the only one to think so). Even picky eater, Howard, approves it (HA!).

Check out what I’ve eaten at Allswell so far after the jump.

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