The Organic Tour with the Gastrobus

Organic Tour Header
A farmer’s market is the best place to go if you want to buy your food locally and organically. It’s also a great place to meet and support the farmers who grow the food. Here at Eat To Blog we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Chef Antonio Medina from The Gastrobus to offer you a guide around farmer’s markets in Los Angeles which we call “The Organic Tour.”

So what is “The Organic Tour” exactly? It’s basically farmer’s market 101. Chef Antonio will personally lead a group to explore all the great things about the farmer’s market. We want to create an open discussion about anything relating to buying organic, eating healthily and sustainability, so if you have a question feel free to ask.

Then at the end of the tour, you’ll be invited into the Gastrobus where Chef Antonio will cook for you with the ingredients from the farmer’s market. Here’s the cool part, you get to pick what ingredients he will cook with and we will pay for them. If you have always wondered how to pick and cook certain things from the farmer’s market this is your chance to learn! Afterwards we will email everyone recipes for the dishes we made that day so that you can make them at home.

Where else can you get a private education, cooking demo and discussion about farmer’s market from a chef that knows and works with local grown foods? We want to make this experience as fun and as educational as possible. Hopefully you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what it means to eat sustainably.

We are planning to have our first “Organic Tour” on March 27th 2010, it’s the last Saturday of March and it will be $40 for each person. If you’re interested please send an email to with “The Organic Tour” as the subject line and include what you want out of this experience. The last day to sign up will be March 15th. Also we’re taking suggestions for which farmer’s market to go to on that Saturday. As of now we are aiming for the Silver Lake farmer’s market. We can only take about 6 to 7 people at one tour, hopefully if enough people are interested there will be a second tour in April.

March 27th 2010, Saturday
Price: $40 per person
Where: Still figuring this one out

Thank you and hope to see you in March!

For more info about The Gastrobus check out their website or follow them on Twitter


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