One Food Item A Month

I am giving myself a challenge to learn how to make one food item a month.

It all started when I wanted to pickle things. That was going to be my project this year but then my mind trailed off, typical me, and I began to think well what if I started to make other things. Oh I do love dim sum, let’s google for dim sum recipes. After that I narrowed it down to few dim sum items like shrimp dumplings, roast pork buns, turnip cakes. Then I found, on youtube see above, this lady teaching how to make roast pork bun in her kitchen in Germany. Easy to follow step-by-step process of first roasting the pork then making the dough for the buns.

So that’s it. For February I plan to learn how to make ROAST PORK BUNS! Eventually I don’t need to go get dim sum, I just make them at home.


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