Double Windsor

Pulled Pork Sandwich
I love how me, Howard and Matt all hate this bar, well I don’t really hate it as much as they do. On the weekends before 5pm it’s basically baby town. Parents bring their kids while they have a refreshing beer. One time we even saw a kids party with 10 or so kids running/crawling around. Now the manager decided to put up a sign that said “No one under 21 after 5pm” thaaaaaaank goodness. But that still doesn’t make Howard and Matt like the place any better. For some reason this place gets REALLY LOUD AND WE KINDA HAVE TO YELL. Since this is the only hip looking bar in the area (Farrell’s at the corner is anti-hip) this place gets full quick. And now that they started serving food, hot damn, its harder to get seats.

Matt had been to Double Windsor for brunch couple times and was delighted to enjoy the food both times. So after many months of serving food, I finally made it to have a meal.

I met up with Matt on a Sunday afternoon before watching the new Doctor Who on his dvr. Matt took care of our drinks and I went to get our lunch. What you do is you go up to the kitchen window and place you order. The lady will give you a number and you take a seat and you wait for your food to come out. They mostly served sandwiches and burgers and sides. Fries with a side of mayo was $2, the burger and pulled pork sandwiches were $11 and the grilled cheese was $8. All the bread were from Balthazar and the food menu were created by the owner of Egg in Williamsburg.

Matt got the grilled cheese, I took a bite and it was good and cheesy.
Double WindsorGrilled Cheese Sandwich
I was debating about the burger or the pulled pork sandwich and as you can see I went with the pork. Topped with pickled onions served with super soft buns (thought the buns were too soft to handle the pork and the juices) this was one amazing sandwich. As I ate the sandwich chunks of pork and pork juices fell into the pile of fries. No biggie because now I have fries with pork juice!

Is it wrong to wish to have a bar thats quiet and has no kids running around? When we went around 1:15pm it was great. It was quiet, people were chilled and there weren’t billions of babies crawling around.

– The Double Windsor 210 Prospect Park West Brooklyn


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