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Asparagus And Shrimp Pasta With Miso Paste

Asparagus Shrimp Miso Pasta

After many weekends of Brussels sprouts, potatoes, carrots and kale, I finally saw asparagus at the farmer’s market. I love kale but it’s nice to finally have something new. Luckily, I had some stuff in the fridge to fix myself a quick lunch. Check out my recipe for an asparagus, shrimp pasta with miso paste.

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Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck

Kari ayamCurry mee
FREE! Yes thanks to Ultraclay over at Midtown Lunch for the free food heads up about the Malaysia Kitchen food truck being so close to my office. I got there right around noon and there was only about 5-6 people in front of me. For today they are serving kari ayam, Malaysian chicken curry and curry mee, shrimp and tofu curry with rice noodles. Surprisingly no one was touching the cups and cups of curry mee. People either didn’t care or didn’t see them even though they were sitting right at the window. Obviously I got both. Both were quite delicious though I wish there was a little bit more heat to them. The chicken was good and tender while the shrimp in the mee tasted fresh! I found myself wanting a tiny scoop of rice for the kari ayam but hey Woorijip is quite close and they sell small containers of white rice for 50cent. You COULD potentially turn this into a very cheap meal.

Check their site and twitter for their latest locations.

Quick Meal: Leftover BBQ Fried Rice

Leftover BBQ Fried Rice
So its 4th of July weekend and I’m preeeetty sure someone out there will have a BBQ and I’m preeeeeetty sure someone out there will have tons of leftover food from BBQing. At a recent BBQ my apartmentmate and I threw our friends Scott and Steph brought over kebabs! Skewers and skewers of shrimp, onion, mushroom, and bell peppers. Then one night I was trying to figure out what to eat I opened the fridge and saw the leftover kebabs and thought WOW these are perfect ingredients for a fried rice! And thats what I made for dinner.

Rice Rolls

King Star
Feeling a bit lazy this past Saturday and you know what, I hate feeling lazy. The sun was out, a bit muggy and icky but at least the sun was out and I wanted to be outside doing things. Recently I found out that there is a guy in Sunset Park, 61st St and 8th Ave right outside of the 8th Ave stop on the N train that makes FRESH rice rolls with his rice roll cart. Rice rolls aka cheung fun, if you don’t know, is a thin piece of rice flour crepe steamed, rolled up with beef, shrimp, fish, roast pork or plain and served with soy sauce at dim sum places. Rice rolls are pretty much up at the top of my dim sum must eats along with siu mai, tunrip cakes, chicken feet and ja leung. My favorite rice roll has to be the roast pork but for some reason its rare to find them in NYC, why is that? I think my next favorite would be fish. Hmmmm. Anyways, so by 11am I was off on my rice roll cart hunt!

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